Often confused with Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is all about creating and managing a library of branded materials including logos, images, sales collaterals, audio and video assets.

Content Hub


Every day, time and places, the different global organization demands the delivery of content, but this causes a lot of strain to organizations trying to conceptualize content processes.

The traditional processes for content creation can not cater to the needs of the whole world most times the process is low, time is wasted and money is also wasted sometimes leads to content lost.

Our solution for content automation helps you navigate the convolution and makes the process easy throughout the content lifecycle.

The Team

Daniel Oguntifa

CEO/Fractional Marketing Officer

Adetutu Seriki

Business Development

Ifeanyi Afor

Information Technology

"By creating a central repository of business critical content, your team can now easily find these resources and can share with prospects/clients quickly. ”
Content sharing

Content Personalisation

Disseminating exceptional experience can be very impossible without a personal touch. Even if it is, then a hint of personalization can add another layer of the engagement level to it.

AI Enabled Content Search and Recommendation

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, on our platform help recommend the most effective content for each specific need, based on a number of components.

Digital Asset Management

With our (DAM) digital asset management you can have your unique rich media content in a single place. It allows you to share content with your internal and external stakeholders. With it, easy search features it empowers everyone on the content life-cycle.

Content Analytics

Content Distribution

Content distribution is one major work of the sales enablement team, more-so it’s important to identify the most relevant content for the audience. With this platform distribution is at your fingertip. The recommendation engine presents you with the most relevant content, and it can be conveyed to the right person in a matter of clicks.

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